Senior Mechanical Designer

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About This Position

The Senior Mechanical Designer will take technical lead on specific projects as identified by the Engineering manager. Additionally will assist the Engineering Manager in coaching other Mechanical Engineers to develop design skills and work to the departmental processes.

Work with engineers to design mechanical systems, create detailed drawing packages, manage documents with regards to revision control, and update current product drawings.

Position-Related Responsibilities:
  • Work with engineers to create and model mechanical designs that provide efficient, low risk solutions to new and existing production equipment and products. 
  • Create and update product drawings while implementing design changes and revision control.
  • Maintain the appropriate documentation to support equipment and product engineers.
  • Support engineers by creating complete drawing packages from existing 3D models.
  • Carries out detailed mechanical design work including 3D modelling, simulation (eg thermal & stress) and design verification testing, as required.
  • Responsible for mechanical part selection taking into consideration obsolescence, availability and cost
  • Responsible for preparing and presenting mechanical designs at design reviews
  • Ensures design files and information are kept up to date, and stored in accordance with departmental procedures
  • Highlights all mechanical technical risks to the Engineering Manager and/or Program Manager
  • Keeps up to date with the latest manufacturing techniques and drawing standards
  • Follows departmental processes relating to management of designs
  • Responsible for creation of 2D drawings to allow manufacture or purchase
  • Responsible for production of Customer Procurement (CP) drawings for new products
  • Responsible for generation of Assembly drawings and bills of materials
  • Responsible for meeting design to cost figures
  • Responsible for carrying out design change requests in a timely manner
  • Ensures the mechanical design output fits in with all other aspects of the design
  • Works closely with operations, manufacturing and production engineers to ensure products are designed for manufacture
  • Responsible for checking and validating Mechanical Engineers designs and drawings where required
  • Take responsibility for coaching and supporting Mechanical Engineers in design techniques and the departmental processes
  • Regularly review the departmental design processes and identify any updates required
Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and Experience:
  • Associates degree in mechanical drafting, and extensive experience in mechanical drafting and design 
  • Extensive experience working with models and drawings for manufacturing equipment and product development.    
  • Five to ten years experience with implementing document changes and revision control.
  • Experience with mechanical, electrical and vacuum system drawings.
  • Proficient with Solid works and AutoCAD.

All employees are expected and required to adhere to the Company Code of Ethics and Principles of Conduct.