RV Solar Panel Kits

RV Solar Panel Kit

While RV kits are named for the Recreational Vehicles that commonly use them, the kits can also be used to install flexible solar on boats, trailers, commercial trucks and other moving vehicles. There are three different kits available:

  • PFM-1K PowerFLEXTM Mobile  kit (100w) – This kit includes a 100w module, charge controller, edge molding, cables, connectors, fuse, and several adhesives.
  • PFM -2K PowerFLEXTM Mobile  kit (200w) – This kit includes everything from the PFM-1K kit, plus a second 100w module, and an additional y-connection cable.
  • PFM -1E PowerFLEXTM Mobile Expansion  kit (100w) – This kit is intended for those who have already installed a PFM-1K, but want to add a second module to their system. It includes a 100w module, edge molding, cables, connectors and adhesives, but does not include a charge controller.
Solar Panels RV 50 watt PowerFLEXTM 1 meter module - Featuring a smaller footprint to allow for more placement options, an excellent addition to our RV Kits. Pricing and specifications available soon, call for more information.
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