Sunlinq™ and P-3™ portable chargers are produced by and trademarks of Solar Portable Business Inc. and feature Global Solar’s PowerFLEX Technology® . All rights reserved by Solar Portables Business Inc. and Global Solar, respectively

Lightweight, reliable, and portable solar power for GPS or portable battery packs. It has a built-in blocking diode and voltage limiter to prevent battery discharge and over voltage of the charging device. Comes with a 12v car charger receptacle. The SUNLINQ 4 is a favorite of satellite phone users!

One (1) year limited warranty.

Retail Portable Solar Product


Max Output

18” x 29” (457 mm x 736 mm)
9” x 5” (229 mm x 127 mm)
11 oz (312 gm)
12 watt (15v at 800mA)

Perfect for charging:

» Portable electronics
» Smart phones
» MP3 players and much more