Process Engineer (LCM)

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About This Position

To support GSE technology development needs in process development and test for flex circuit metallization on polymers for use in solar cells.  

Position-Related Responsibilities:
  • Design and analyze tests of flex circuits and polymer structures to improve quality and consistency of fine features in the flex circuits. Design and analyze experiments to optimize key process responses and performance of flex circuits on electrical devices.
  • Design and analyze tests on polymers, adhesives and polymer surface treatments to improve bonding properties and durability of multi-layer polymer structures.
  • Work as part of a team to develop polymer materials and process for protective layers in thin film solar cells. 
  • Use microscopy, electrical and mechanical tests such as pull tests to facilitate process and materials improvements.

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and Experience:

  • B.S. or M.S. in materials science, polymer science, chemical or mechanical engineering, or similar field, with 5 years or more relevant experience.
  • Practical experience in polymer surface modification, bonding and testing of thin polymer films such as PET, ETFE, PVDF.  
  • Must be highly-motivated and goal-oriented, and able to function in a dynamic research environment. 
  • Demonstrated ability to complete tasks reliably with consistency, safety and attention to detail. 
  • Experience with data analysis and problem-solving, materials characterization and measurement and data analysis.​

All employees are expected and required to adhere to the Company Code of Ethics and Principles of Conduct.