PowerFLEX Flexible Solar Panels

Advantages of PowerFLEXTM Flexible Solar Panels

flexible solar panels

There are many advantages to PowerFLEXTM flexible solar panels.

Integrates with roof surface
  • No mounting hardware
  • No roof penetrations
  • No additional wind load
Flexible Solar Panels
  • Fits many roof types and surfaces
  • Durable, non-breakable
  • Theft resistant
  • 3.5 kg/m2 (0.7 lb/ft2) with adhesive
  • No structural reinforcement required
High efficiency CIGS
  • Up to 12.7% aperture efficiency
  • 50% more efficient than flexible a-Si
High performance
  • Performs well in all light conditions
  • Shade tolerant
Covers entire roof area
  • Lays flat. No tilt required
  • No module spacing required
  • Conforms to roof shape
Large format module

» 250-300 Watts in 5.7m x 0.5m (224.4in x 19.68in) dimensions

» 90-200 Watts available in shorter modules

» 20% BOS & Installation cost savings

Made with pride in the USA!