Original Equipment Manufacturers

Innovative ICI Technology for Original Equipment Manufacturers

Global Solar's FG-SM series of solar submodules, based on our innovative ICI technology, are the perfect building block to create your own customized product lines, enabling expansion into your chosen market sector.

Envision and create any solar product:
  • low wattage chargers for USB devices and batteries
  • intermediate-sized battery chargers for lightweight, flexible, and convenient power
  • mobile and marine power 
  • off-grid applications
  •  larger rooftop and architectural applications
  • Utility-scale solar energy systems (e.g. landfill covers, reservoirs, etc.)
GSE submodules provide advantages to your product vision. Unique attributes include:
  • Lightweight  -  greater than 250 W per kilogram
  • Unbreakable - thin,  flexible polymeric construction
  • Conformable  - designed to match uniquely shaped surfaces
  • Robust Handling – for seamless integration into your production process
Personalize your product by choosing your favorite top and bottom finishing layers to enhance your product's customer appeal, and durability. 

GSE is now in production with standard products to help support your developmental activities toward your unique product goals, using the following available products, with more coming soon:

  • 3 Volts at 8 Watts (23 x 29 cm; 9.05 x 11.42 in)
  • 6 Volts at 8 Watts (23 x 29 cm; 9.05 x 11.42 in)

GSE will also help you customize our ICI technology to a GSE submodule which matches your project needs. With 50 MW of automated ICI capacity coming on line in fall 2016, we can also deliver to nearly any production requirement.

Power the Possibilities with GSE solar submodules!