Development Engineer (Metrology)

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About This Position

To support GSE technology development needs for improvements in metrology and measurement for  process improvement for thin film PV. 

Position-Related Responsibilities:
  • Work with process engineers to systematically identify key parameters affecting production yield and efficiency of thin film PV.
  • Plan, design and validate new or improved methods or equipment to measure or control key parameters that affect thin film PV product yield and efficiency.
  • Work as part of a team to develop efficiency, yield and cost improvements for thin film PV production.
Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and Experience:
  • M.S. in electrical engineering, with broad knowledge of measurement approaches using electrical , mechanical and optical principles, with 7 years or more relevant experience.
  • Practical experience identifying and implementing methods and equipment for solar cell performance measurement.
  • Experience with electrical design, instruments and software for measurement and test.
  • Must be highly-motivated and goal-oriented, and able to function in a dynamic research environment. 
  • Demonstrated ability to complete tasks with reliable consistency, care, safety and attention to detail. 

All employees are expected and required to adhere to the Company Code of Ethics and Principles of Conduct.