Proven Performance

Utilized in traditional glass enclosed solar panels, our solar material as been chosen for grid connected solar installations across the globe. 

Espacasa – Orgiano Array
» Location: Orgiano, Vicenza, Italy
» Installation: March, 2010
» Modules: Yohkon (Panel manufacturer) / CIGS – 228 Wp
  (Global Solar Energy Gen2 cells)
» Area: 7+ acres
» Power: 820 kWp 
» Energy: 1.1 MWh / yr (estimated)

Rita Road
Rita Road Power Field 
» Location: Tucson, Arizona, USA
» Installation: October, 2008
» Modules: Solon (Panel Manufacturer) / CIGS – 115 Wp
  (Global Solar Energy Gen1 cells)
» Area: 5+ Acres
» Power: 750 kWp (6,600 panels)
» Energy: 1.31 MWh (2009)
» Green: Generates 1,200,000 kWh annually, providing about 30% of Global Solar Energy’s Tucson plant’s annual energy needs. Will offset 30,000 tons of CO2 over its 25 year lifetime.


Flexible, lightweight and powerful; our technology delivers greater efficiency.

The industry’s leading high efficiency Copper Indium Gallium DiSelenide (CIGS) solar material on a flexible substrate. For use in any application benefiting from solar, we partner with industry leading brands. Our proven, controlled and stable production process delivers lightweight and flexible photovoltaic (PV) material in state-of-art facilities in Germany and the USA.

CIGS advantages:
» CIGS offers the highest efficiency of thin film PV
» CIGS offers the highest energy yield at different light conditions
» CIGS offers large scale availability of raw materials
» CIGS does not pose environmental risk from hazardous materials

Production Volume

Global Solar Energy produces a combined 40MW of flexible solar cells based on our CIGS thin film technology in the USA.
Where we produce our PowerFLEX® modules.

Global Solar LocationsGlobal Solar Energy, Inc. (GSET)
» Location: Tucson, Arizona / USA
» Volume: 40MW
» Start of production: March 2008



Established Manufacturing Process

Global Solar Manufacturing Process

CIGS Dissected

Co-evaporated CIGS deposition onto stainless steel foil is the basis of our proprietary roll-to-roll manufacturing of flexible CIGS thin film photovoltaic cells results in lower material usage, lower manufacturing costs and higher efficiency.
CIGS Dissected