Founded in 1996, Global Solar Energy Inc. delivers lightweight and portable photovoltaic (PV) materials for integration in commercial, residential, utility-scale and government applications. Currently, the company operates a Tucson, Arizona facility with a production capacity of 40 megawatts.

In Tucson, Global Solar partnered with Solon to create a 750 kilowatt (kW) solar array, the largest CIGS solar field in the US.

Global Solar is the only manufacturer in full-scale production of CIGS (Copper Indium Gallium diSelenide) PV cells on a flexible substrate. Depositing CIGS on flexible stainless-steel substrate via a roll-to-roll process, the company’s innovative manufacturing decreases costs by streamlining production, increasing throughput, and improving material utilization. Global Solar’s lower cost is opening up new and alternative markets where solar hasn’t been a viable option in the past, such as BIPV, helping to drive the solar market into the next level of innovation, adoption and affordability.


» 1996
Company founded by UniSource and ITN Energy Systems 1996 - 2001

Research and development focusing on particularly lightweight, compact solar solutions

» 2001 - 2002
Ongoing development of machinery at the U.S. production site in Tucson, Arizona

» 2005
New products developed for global, commercial trade (incl. SUNLINQ and Brunton product lines)

» 2007 - 2008
Production site in Tucson, Arizona extended from 2,300 sqm to 9,300 sqm. Production capacity increased from 4.2MW to 40MW

Production site established in Berlin-Adlershof with a capacity of 35MW

» 2008
Market launch of 2nd generation thin-film CIGS solar cells for use in standard glass modules

750 kilowatt CIGS solar farm constructed on the U.S. company premises in Tucson, Arizona

» 2010
Global Solar Energy, CDM Italy and Yohkon Energía install the world’s largest roof-mounted CIGS system (820 kW) in Orgiano, Italy

PowerFLEX® BIPV flexible modules for roof-integrated solar installations launched onto the market

Global Solar Energy becomes supplier for DOW™ POWERHOUSE™ solar shingles

» 2011
Solar module production underway at the sites in Tucson, Arizona and Berlin, Germany

PowerFLEX® BIPV modules receive IEC 61730, IEC 61646 and UL 1703 certifications

Global Solar Energy concludes supply agreements with Italian roof specialists Iscom S.p.A., Energyka S.r.l. and B.A. Energie S.r.l.

Global Solar Energy concludes supply agreements with four roofing specialists in the U.S. – Soprema, Beachside Solar and Pfister Energy